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How much should ongoing service and maintenance cost?

The telephone system is an extremely important part of any organisation, as it maintains external and internal communication. As such, maintenance and support is extremely important in ensuring your business is never out in the cold .or disconnected for an extended period of time.

A service contract is a good way to ensure ongoing support and service. Much like insurance policies, a contract may be a waste of money if nothing goes wrong, but when you need them they are extremely valuable. Some vendors will even cover remote programming under their contracts, which does make them more affordable. Generally, a service contract for a 4-port system with Voicemail will be around $575-800 per year, while a contract for a system with 8 lines by 24 extensions for 18 phones, for example, will cost around $700-1,000 per year. That is a very generalised example and contracts can vary widely amongst vendors. Its also important to note that some vendors will sell their service contracts to third parties, which is not a good thing because this third party may not provide the quality the initial vendor promised and should have ensured.

What sort of warranty should I expect?

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