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PowerTel IP VPN

Integrated IP is PowerTel IP VPN solution.
It consists of a combined private IP VPN, customer equipment and maintenance solution that allows interconnection between business sites spread across metropolitan areas and/or different cities.

It supports a number of different connection types including ADSL, SHDSL, Frame Relay, ATM and Ethernet. It is ideal for any business that runs applications over internet protocol, such as voice, data, real time video and general internet-based applications.

The key benefits of Integrated IP are:

  • It's an all-in-one IP VPN solution, inclusive of network security, routing equipment, maintenance and full service management.
  • There is a choice of routing options to cater for different needs.
  • You can determine the right level of service options for your traffic profiling needs.

Integrated IP is available as a managed solution to PowerTel business customers.

PowerTel ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a high capacity, directly connected voice and switched data service.

It provides business users with digital access to switched voice and switched data on a single integrated network connection. Subject to connectivity using PowerTel fibre or PowerTel DSL, the service is available as a Primary Rate Access (PRA) and can be configured with 10, 20 or 30 active traffic channels.

The key benefits of PowerTel ISDN are:

  • You receive a premium quality service for all local, national, mobile, international and special service calls;
  • ISDN allows your staff to be contacted directly rather than going through a central switchboard, and
  • PowerTel offers a range of channel options on ISDN so that you have more choices for different business requirements.

PowerTel ISDN is available to business customers and on a wholesale basis to carriers and service providers.

PowerTel's Dedicated Internet Access solution is a connection service that provides you with full access to the Internet.

This service is connectable via ADSL, SHDSL, Frame Relay, ATM and Ethernet. It is complemented by a variety of internet download plans, offering a comprehensive range of download speeds.

PowerTel's Dedicated Internet Access solution is available to business customers and on a wholesale basis to carriers and service providers.

You'll see that everything PowerTel do is centred on making it simpler for business to communicate with their customers and each other. That's why PowerTel focus solely on business telecommunications. It's what makes it unique. And it's how PowerTel help there customers streamline their business.

PowerTel's suite of solutions has been further enlarged by the acquisition of Request Broadband. Although larger, PowerTel is still driven by building clarity and simplicity into innovation. PowerTel offer a full range of data, voice and internet solutions for small and medium businesses, corporates, carriers and service providers.