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mitel telephone systems

Leveraging nearly 30 years of industry expertise, Mitel has developed a complete range of communications platforms designed to meet the needs of any business and provide the tools to improve productivity and efficiency for a tangible return on investment.

Mitel Handsets

Mitel Wireless

Mitel 5200 IP Series

Mitel 5300 IP Series

Mitel Digital Handsets
Mitel 5602 Wireless Phone

Mitel 5606 Wireless Phone

SpectraLink 802.11 Solutions


Mitel Phone Systems

Mitel headsets

S610 DECT Handset & IP Stand

Cordless Accessories

Gigabit Ethernet Stand

IP Programmable Key Modules

Conference Units
Mitel Phone systems

Mitel line of PBX

Mitel SX-2000

Mitel line of IP-PBX

Mitel SX-200 IP
Mitel 3300 IP


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