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Telstra Bigpond Internet Service

Telstra Bigpond provides high speed internet for fast downloads of email, web pages and files. No tying up your phone line and no need to dial up.

ADSL is currently available to some 85% of telephone lines, and is delivered via your copper phone wire. This makes it easy to set up, as well as accessible. Youâ??ll be able to enjoy superfast internet access and full use of your phone while you're online.

Cable delivers high speed Internet by sharing the Hybrid-Fibre-Coaxial cables that deliver FOXTEL Pay-TV to your home or business. These cables only pass by around 2.4 million homes in Australia's major metropolitan areas. If it's available to you, Cable can deliver truly incredible Internet speeds without using your phone line at all.

Wireless uses mobile phone technology to deliver high speed broadband wherever there is coverage on Telstra's Next G network. Wireless Broadband on the Next Gâ?¢ network is available to 98% of the Australian population on the Next G network, and is a great option if you want internet access without wires, or internet access that can move with you.

Satellite services deliver Internet downloads via orbiting satellites so if you can see the sky, you can probably receive the service. Options include 2-Way Satellite, which transmits your upload and download data via satellite; or 1-Way Satellite which carries uploads via a conventional or ISDN phone line, and only uses the Satellite link to deliver faster downloads.

ISDN Plans

With speeds of up to 128kbps7, significantly faster than Dial-Up, and available to some 96% of the population#, ISDN is great for people in areas with limited broadband availability. Although it uses your phone line to connect to the internet, you can still make and receive calls while you're browsing the net.


BigPond Broadband Satellite is a great option for you to enjoy broadband internet, from almost anywhere in Australia. It allows you to surf the net at great speeds even if you live in a regional, rural or remote community.

Global Roaming

Now you can take your BigPond® internet access overseas, just like you can take a mobile phone or an ATM card.


To access the internet, your BigPond Dial-Up connection uses your home or business phone line. Telstra supply all the information you need to get connected. Your computer may already have a dial-up modem built in, or you can purchase one at just about any computer store.

A download speed of up to 128kbps is achievable where a customer uses both of their ISDN channels for Internet access. Speed may vary depending on customer's computer equipment.

***ISDN Home and BigPond ISDN are available to residential customers only.

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