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ISDN 2 features include:

  • ISDN 2 can upgrade your normal (analogue) phone line to two digital lines and includes two telephone numbers
  • each digital line can carry both voice and data services
  • a greater bandwidth than your normal (analogue) phone line - 2 x 64Kbps or up to 128Kbps when two lines are combined for quick safe and clear transfer of data including graphics, studio-quality videos and large data files, plus when used with an ISDN compatible Internet plan it provides speedy Internet and email access
  • only one service line is required for telephones, faxes or computers allowing you to use the other line to work remotely in the field or at home
  • video conferencing facilities with live, full-colour, two-way video, audio and data communication (additional equipment required).

Additional features available are (additional charges may apply):

  • Direct Indial: allows callers to by-pass your switchboard and dial your staff directly
  • Line Hunt: directs incoming calls to your first free line
  • Multiple Number4: allows you to add up to an extra six phone numbers to your main number and operate more devices.

ISDN 10/20/30

ISDN 10/20/30 is Telstra's digital service that is available in a minimum of 10 lines and can be expanded to satisfy even large organisations.

With an ISDN 10/20/30 service you will be able to connect your PABX, use the indial facility for all your incoming calls, both voice and data. You may also dedicate a few of the lines for video conferencing.

ISDN 10/20/30 features include:

  • ISDN 10/20/30 is available in configurations of 10/20/30 lines or more, which makes it suitable for both small and large applications. Typical applications include call centres, Internet service providers and large companies with a requirement for multiple incoming/outgoing extensions
  • each service has the ability to independently or simultaneously use separate lines for voice and data calls
  • a greater bandwidth than your normal (analogue) phone line. Each of the 64Kbps lines can be used individually or aggregated to provide one larger "line" for higher speed applications such as data transmissions, including graphics, studio-quality videos and large data files
  • video and audio-conferencing capability (additional equipment required).

Which ISDN Solution is best for my business?

There are several ISDN products designed to help suit your business needs:

ISDN 2 is the standard ISDN service:

  • Only one service connection is required for telephones and faxes or EFTPOS and computers
  • It can upgrade your existing telephone service to the equivalent of two digital lines with two phone numbers
  • It can save you time by enabling quick, secure and clear transfer of data including graphics, studio quality videos and large data files. You can also get fast Internet and email access when used in conjunction with an ISDN compatible Internet plan
  • Reduce your travel time with ISDN and video conferencing equipment with live full colour, two-way video, audio and data communication2
  • It also supports ISDN phone systems and allows you to easily add more ISDN lines, as you need them

ISDN 2 Enhanced gives you the benefits of ISDN 2 and more, as a digital modem is already included plus:

  • monthly access to Call Waiting and Call Forward at no additional monthly charge3 to help you manage your calls
  • calling Number Display for no additional charge on both lines4.

ISDN 2 Enhanced is the service recommended for most small businesses.

ISDN 10/20/30 If your business has 10 or more lines then this is a great solution. It is available in a minimum of 10 lines and can be expanded to satisfy even larger organisations.

It can replace conventional analogue lines providing enhanced functionality allowing for PABX connection and use of the in-dial facility for all your incoming calls, including both voice and data.

ISDN Argent Connect5 gives you access to cost effective EFTPOS transactions, phone, fax and fast Internet all in one.

Designed specifically for retail businesses, Argent Connect is a fast, secure and reliable way to transmit your EFTPOS transactions cost effectively. Use Argent Connect on the same line you are using for voice, fax or the Internet. With Argent Connect and ISDN you get:

  • faster EFTPOS transaction carriage to your bank compared to normal Dial-Up EFTPOS services
  • the flexibility to own the EFTPOS carriage service
  • reliable, secure data transfer.
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