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Telstra  Business Telephone Systems

Telstra Corporation is an Australian telecommunications company under private ownership, holding a dominant position in landline telephone services, large share of mobile phone services, domestic consumer and business data services, and cable television.

Telstra Business Telephone Systems are a range of high quality Telecommunications products sourced from leading worldwide manufacturers such as Samsung, NEC, Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Ericsson–LG and Panasonic.

Telstra is the leading supplier of Business Telephone Systems and Telecommunications Network services, such as Analogue Phone Lines, Digital ISDN Phone Lines and VoIP Line. The Telephone Systems can be purchased outright or with a range of finance options such as Lease or Rental. Telstra TBS and Digital Business Plans can also help you with a cost effective solution to your Telecommunications requirements. 

As well as Telephone Systems and fixed line phone services, Telstra also offers a range of internet options from ADSL2+ and SHDSL to lightning fast fibre internet, either privately owned or over the new government provided NBN fibre tails. 

A major component of Telstra’s business is also mobile phones. Telstra provides 3G and 4G coverage over Australia’s largest cellular network and provide phones leading brands such as HTC, Sony and Apple.

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Benefits of switching to Telstra?

  • Combine, Streamline and Save with extensive services from one company with the capability to provide you with a single bill and a streamlined solution to reduce administration and save money.
  • Do More on the Move with Telstra's Next GTM network, Australia's largest and fastest national mobile network, with wide regional coverage and superior reception in tunnels, buildings and carparks.
  • Take Advantage of New Technology with cutting edge advances to ensure your business remains agile, efficient and always ahead of the competition.
  • Get More from Your Investment with email and magazine subscriptions with insight, advice and tips for your business, as well as access to free news, finance, weather, yellowpages and more on demand with Telstra Mobile Portal.


Telstra Business Packages

Telstra Business Packages come in every shape and form to suit any business, with a range of product models, systems, call plans and packages to enhance your organisation.

Telstra Business Phone Systems

Telstra plans cover a large range of products from a number of manufacturers and suppliers. Find out what systems Telstra can offer you to enhance your business.

 Telstra Business Broadband

Telstra's Business Broadband Packages are designed to suit any type and size of business. With a range of plans & deals, find out how Telstra can help you save money on your Internet bills. 

Telstra Mobile Services

With the largest mobile network in Australia, Telstra can offer you superior coverage and a range of business plans to suit any employee or organisation.


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