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Telstra Mobile Services

Telstra currently offer mobile services on the following networks however they are working towards shutting down the Telstra CDMA network.

Next G network

The Telstra Next G network is Australia's largest and fastest national mobile network. Telstra claim over 98% coverage of the Australian population. Like any other mobile network, Telstra Next G mobile telephone coverage depends in part on where you are, what particular handset you are using and whether your handset has an external antenna attached.

The Telstra Next G (850Mhz) network also provides significantly faster data transmission speeds than 3G (2100 MHz) networks.

With the Telstra Next G network, you can say goodbye to snail-pace downloads.

Use a Telstra Next G smart phone or wireless laptop device to send emails, download files and access office applications at genuine broadband speed. Or use a Telstra Next G phone to make high-quality video calls in most places across Australia.

Telstra CDMA

Telstra's CDMA network is planned to close on 28 April 2008. It is being superseded by the new Telstra Next G network.

After the network closes, CDMA devices will no longer work.

If your business has Telstra CDMA mobile phones or other devices, make sure you upgrade in time to keep your business connected and continue to be able to make calls to your customers and suppliers.

Telstra 3G

Telstra's 3G (2100Mhz) mobile phone network (not to be confused with the Telstra Next G mobile phone network) is available in selected areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane and Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.

With the Telstra 3G network, you can access a host of digital services including video calling. It provides coverage to more than 50% of the Australian population.

Telstra GSM

Telstra's GSM network provides voice service coverage to more than 96% of the Australian population.

It's the standard choice for customers in capital cities and other metropolitan areas. With extensive international roaming capability, Telstra GSM is also well-suited to international travelers.

Telstra GSM network users can take advantage of internet access, email and other online services via the GPRS data network. However, GPRS does not offer the same national coverage or broadband speeds of the Telstra Next G network.


The General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) network overlays the Telstra GSM network. It provides access to the internet, email and other online services through GPRS-capable mobile phones.

However, GPRS cannot offer the same national coverage or equivalent broadband speeds as the Telstra Next G network.

Wireless Hotspots

Telstra offers 1,000 hot spots in outdoor areas across the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs and at numerous hotels, Starbucks, McDonalds restaurants and Qantas Club Lounges.

Telstra's Mobile Satellite

Telstra's Mobile Satellite is a hand held voice and data service designed for people living, working or traveling in rural Australia. It provides greater coverage in remote regions.


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