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Hybrex GDS - The platform for today and tomorrowHybrex gds

Hybrex GDS (Global Digital System) is a feature-rich platform that meets existing telecommunication requirements and offers future-proof migration solutions. The system provides the options of external interfaces to PSTN, ISDN (BRI, PRI), E1/T1, DID, EM, VoIP and GSM, along with feature-packed digital keyphones, traditional analog and wireless-handsets.

The GDS Series integrates seamlessly with many application programs to diversify itself to an advanced communication system platform. The versatility of the GDS system permits it to adapt to future internet-enabled technology for voice, data and security applications. This integrated IP-based capability protects your investment and ensures a wide range of options for expanding your information and communication infrastructure as your business grows.

Teamwork makes the differencehybrex ip software

Hybrex IP-CTI (IP-based Computer Telephony Integration) technology

Intranets and the Internet are utilized more than ever and will soon be a standard media for the exchange of information. With Hybrex GDS and the bundled applications in CT Star software team processes can be streamlined and productivity increased.

With IP Connectivity, users can retrieve their Voice Messages from their own desk or wherever they are. Check your colleague's attendance status and his or her absent message, leaving and reviewing your messages, monitoring company call traffic and total call cost on line. GDS gives your team members many imaginative tools to enhance their work.

Leverage the cost, quality and security

LCR (Least Cost Routing) with VoIP (Voice over IP)

The GDS always switches calls via the least costly route. A sophisticated and flexible least-cost routing system ensures that all calls are made at the most economic rate, producing substantial savings on long distance charges. This is the most cost effective factor whenever there is more than one carrier or service provider available.The entire LCR set up or changes may be administered remotely by modem or Internet connection, assuring quick response time from authorized dealers.

VoIP is an emerging technology for the processing of voice traffic. While the universal availability of IP connections is underway and improvements continue as far as quality of service is concerned, your GDS System will support both traditional voice grade lines and also IP type connections, giving you peace of mind in the event Internet traffic becomes unreliable. With the GDS built-in VoIP interface, you choose the best route when needed. This is not possible for IP-only switching systems as they lack PSTN line capability, thus they are crippled if internet access is lost.

Access Control and Security

Voice Integrated with Internet Access

Thanks to the digital port technology of the GDS - power, voice, data and image information can all coexist on a normal twisted cable. Many new devices, ACP (Access Control Phone), Image Capturer and LCD Image Monitor, are being developed for the access and security environment. There is no need for separate cabling and different system installation and maintenance expenditure. The GDS is growing to be one solution for all. With an Internet connection, images and sensor alarm signals will be sent out to your specified location. The GDS will also be able to notify your mobile phone with its built-in voice message and allow you to immediately monitor the environment remotely.

With the Internet connection, the Images and Sensor alarm signal can be sent out to your specified location. The GDS also can notify your mobile phone with its built-in voice message and let you immediately monitor the environment by pressing just a few buttons.

GDS 600 Applications

Small to Large Corporate Organizations

With Hybrex GDS technology you can start from as low as 12 ports and and continue expanding to 320 ports currently, soon to be 640 ports. With all of the features of the GDS from the beginning your system will grow with you : a solid business investment.

Multi-national Organization : VPN on VoIP

One number for all members world wide within the organization.


Offering CID, Message Lamp to the room. Access Control Phone (ACP) for VIP rooms or floor control. ACP as a Door Phone for guests to answer the door without opening the door, Big LED Display for showing status of DND or "Clean the room" outside the door. ACP can also be used as a keyless entry system and/or door alarm monitor.

Hybrex system software provides special anti-fraud features such as :

  • Check-in/check out : allows the operator to activate and deactivate the phone.
  • Call Barring : the guest needs to obtain a code from the operator to make a call. Passwords given randomly. Two safety features : password and call duration (automatic count down per customer deposit).
  • Options for call metering : polarity reversal, 12 KHz or 50Hz metering, for accurate call charge determination.
  • SMDR output for records/audit/accounting system.
  • PMS interface.


Clinic or Hospital

Access Control Phone (ACP) works as a two way speaker for nurse and patient, patient monitoring, doctor's wall mount phone to auto answer calls without touching any buttons.