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Hybrex DK2-21 Handsethybrex dk2 21 handset

Contemporary style, large tilt adjustable graphic display and executive features characterise the DK2 series digital keyphone handsets. Available in Ivory and Charcoal colours, the feature set of the DK2 series includes full handsfree operation, extensive bi-colour lit system keys, headset socket, and the option of full wireless headset operation with the companion Hybrex 900 MHz spread spectrum WHP headset. Styled with tomorrow in mind the DK2 would hold a place on the desk of any busy executive, or suit those who desire a top of the line telephone. As with other DK series handsets the DK2 utilises single pair wiring making deployment over existing installed cabling painless.

Features of Hybrex DK2 21 handset:

dk2 21 handset from hybrex


  • Large, graphic style, LCD display, tilt adjustable.
  • Full handsfree operation available with high quality performance.
  • Headset socket.
  • Wireless headset facility via Bluetooth integrated in the DK2-21BT model.
  • Standard dial pad plus 10 function keys (5 with LED indicator), Nav. key set.
  • 22 programmable system/function keys with bi-colour LED indicators.
  • Additional 2 programmable function keys.
  • User control over audio levels of speaker, earpiece, mic, and camp-on tone.
  • User control over ring level, style, and frequency.
  • Message/Voice Mail Indicator - hi-visibility blue LED.

Dk2 21 Handset Unit + DSS console


Hybrex DK2-DSS Console


The ideal companion for a DK2 series handset in a reception/switch situation. Available in Ivory and Charcoal colour. The DK2 DSS console features 66 programmable system keys, lit by bi-colour LEDs, allowing your receptionist full knowledge and control of a larger office telephone network. If control of a larger network is your requirement up to 8 DK2-DSS consoles can be mounted as a single unit. Requires only single pair wiring to the main equipment.