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". . . as your business grows, the LG  Ericsson (Nortel Aria) Telephone system can grow with it."

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LG Aria products have, historically, focused on the smaller size but higher volume market segment. However, over the past few years this focus has broadened and LG-Ericsson systems now extend from 2 – 600 ports. Current product line-up encompasses the Aria 24,130c, 130, 300 and 600 systems.

The Aria 24 ~ 600 machines use TDM technology and flash-Rom programming, and are IP trunk and station enabled, available with either business or hospitality software (the former incorporating ACD/Queuing), and with a number of optional facilities such as CTI interface, VoIP - including Remote Services Gateway (RSG) & softphone, Qsig networking, Integrated Voice Mail, PMS interface (hospitality), Auto-Attendant, Ez Attendant (PC Attendant), Ez Phone or advanced call centre applications and reporting.

A common platform for all but the smallest system, means all service cards (lines, stations, VM etc), programming functions and system software are standard across the range. Handsets are already standard across all systems, and all 130c-600 systems support LG-Ericsson’s system-integral DECT mobility. The Aria 24, employs the same software platform as the Aria 130c ~ 600 family, but, for economy of scale, smaller increment service cards. Our family of system-integral handsets (stations) – the 7000 series– are of European design and are offered in a choice of 6 models and 2 colours. Options such as Full-duplex hands-free, Blue-tooth and voice-recording interface may be fitted.

*Hospitality available on Aria 130C ~ 600 platform

ipecs lg telephone system

iPECS is the first range of product launched in Australia with the LG-Ericsson branding. Developed and influenced by the LG-Ericsson joint venture.

IPECS utilizes IP protocol (“pure IP”), with LAN distribution and offers the telephony features of the Aria, at the same time introducing feature rich applications unique to the iPECS such as Unified Communication Solution (UCS), centralised transparent networking and management and WiFi solutions.

The iPECS’ highly distributed architecture means a centralized device can control remote modules anywhere in the world without the need for local call server. This centralised transparent networking allows remote sites to access centralised voice mail, have access to system features such as Call Park, Busy Lamp Fields etc. For larger remote system sites redundancy is available, to access the local exchange if, for instance, your secure connection fails. All of this is may be managed centrally over the web.

WiFi applications such as handsets or soft phone installed on a PDA or laptop provide remote flexibility whilst using uniform access points.

Currently available in 50, 100, 300 and 600 port stackable configurations, the IPECS has a maximum capacity in excess of 20,000 ports.*

IPECS is the IP communication solution developed with small and medium size business in mind. The modular fully distributed IP architecture, rich set of easy to use features and broad range of optional applications hardware and software make IPECS the obvious solution for your business communications.

* Subject to certain conditions

w soho logo lg telephone system

W-SOHO - Wireless Telephone System - innovative, wireless phone system for businesses with up to 8 staff. Freedom to move around your workplace with all the features of a large system for a fraction of the cost. Simple installation, and set up you can do yourself. When you move – take the system with you. The W-SoHo, from LG-Ericsson, the market leader in office phones system technology.

  • Choice of wireless handsets
  • Up to 3 lines and 8 phones
  • Advanced DECT Technology

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