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hybrex telephone system

The Hybrex product brand has been continuously represented in Australia since 1989 when the Key Telephone system market was deregulated allowing competition with the Telecom Commander range.

In 1997 Auto Telecom Australia was formed to directly market the company's products in Australia and to provide product development and support for customers in other English speaking markets. Auto Telecom manufactures a full range of telephone systems from 2 lines / 8 extensions to 120 lines / 320 extensions, VoIP equipment, voice mail, and other associated products distributed through an Australia wide dealer network.


hybrex phone system hybrex telephone system hybrex headset

Hybrex G1E 36 system (SoHo)

Hybrex G2-1648 ISDN Series (Small to Medium)


Hybrex System GDS600 (Medium to Corporate)


Superceded Models:

Hybrex G1-824 ISDN Series

Hybrex DK2 Series:


Hybrex DK3 Series:

Hybrex DK3-21 Handset

Hybrex DK3-33 Handset


Hybrex DK6 Series:

Hybrex DK6-21 Handset

Hybrex DK6-31 Handset

Hybrex DK6-33 Handset


Superceded Models:

Hybrex DK1-21 Handset

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