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Imagine a single system that does it all using your existing IP network ... from data... to video. One that combines the advantages of network-based telephony and the features of a traditional PBX system, meanwhile reducing your infrastructure, capital expenditure and operational costs, and increasing productivity.

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IP 2008
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IP 2010
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Automatic Dialing Buttons
Automatic Line Selection
Background Music
Call Waiting
CO Line Appearances Buttons
Conferencing (8 party)
Multi-CO Lines
Delayed Ringing
Direct Station Select/Busy Lamp Buttons
Direct Station Selection Console (Optional)
All Call Voice Page
Automatic Line Hold
DND Status Indication
DND Override
CO Line Button Assignment
Expanded Line Appearance
Multiple DSS Consoles
Night Transfer
Speed Dial Button Assignment
Voice or Tone Signaling
Distinctive LED Indicators
Dual Color LEDs
Exclusive Hold
Flash Button (Centrex/PBX Transfer or CO Dial Tone Recall)
Flexible Button Assignment By User
Flexible Line Ringing Assignment
Delay 1
Delay 2
Handsfree Answerback Intercom
Headset Interface (Optional)
Hearing Aid Compatible
Hot Dialing
Hotline Service (Emergency Ringdown)
Message Waiting Indication
Station Light
Stutter Dial Tone
Microphone Control Button
Modular Handset and Line Cord
Multiple Directory Numbers
Off-Hook Call Announce
Speaker (Optional)
One Touch Button
On-Hook Dialing
Pooled CO Lines
Pooled Line Buttons
Privacy Override
Private CO Lines - Release Button
Release/Answer Button
Repeat Last Number Dialed
Ringing Line Preference
Speakerphone On/Off Control
Speed Dial
Transfer Privacy
Voice Mail Integration
Call Record to Voice Mail
LCD Soft Key Voice Mail Control
Transfer Direct to Voice Mailbox
Voice Mail Conference
Voice or Tone Signaling
User Programmable Feature Buttons
Volume Control
Busy Override Tone
LCD Features
Advisory Messages
Automatic Callback Number Display
Automatic Number Identification
Automatic Park In Orbit
Call Duration Display
Call Forward Source/Destination
Call Forwarded-From Display
Caller ID (Optional)*
Abandoned Call Storage
Call History
Indication While Busy
Telephone Number
Calling/Called Number Display
Clock/Calendar Display
CO Line Identification
Dial Input Verification
Directory Assistance
Feature Prompting with Soft Key Operation
System & Station Features
Voice Mail Features
HTML Support (IPT2008 only)
Intercom User Name Display
Message Waiting Station Display
Multiple Languages (English, French and Spanish)
Override Station Number Display
Private CO Line
Recalling Station Identification
Speed Dial Directory Dialing (19 Button)
Station Status Display