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Samsung Communications is bringing the benefits of unified communications to the Australian Small to Medium Business (SMB) market with a comprehensive new range of IP Telephony solutions that are already making waves around the world.

The product release is a mix of new IP handsets and IP Applications that are intuitive, user friendly and priced to win the hearts, minds and budgets of SMBs.

SMT i3000 and i5200 Series Samsung Multimedia Telephones:

The SMT series of desktop handsets represents a new era of IP telephones, characterised by striking design and ergonomics combined with exciting new feature sets, The product design is so good that it carries the industry recognition of the prestigious iF Communications Design Award and the Good Design Award.

The initial release will involve three models: the SMT-i3100, the SMT-i5220 and the SMT-i5243 which will be followed by additional models to both product families across first half 2010.

"The Samsung SMT i3000 and i5200 series handsets provide both functionality and design choices to our SMB customers," says Samsung Communications General Manager, Brett McInnes "Large, clear screens deliver information direct to user's handset giving them greater visibility and control of their communications. Users will have direct access to voice mail, call logs, the benefits of the smartest digital speech processing and audio technology, open source applications platforms, and personalisation. It's all available with the Samsung SMT series."

In addition to standard benefits of IP technology, the three new SMT handsets include a two port data switch, supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), have large clear displays, multiple message waiting indicators and incorporate a speaker phone/hands free option. Plus, they integrate with the new Samsung OfficeServ Communicator application, so you can answer calls via your desktop PC or the handset itself.

Samsung's SMT i3100 handset is a cost effective, entry-level IP telephony option with a 4 line display screen, a personal phone book, call logs up to 100 entries, 5 programmable keys, 9 feature keys (including 3 soft keys) and a Message Waiting Indicator.

Moving up the range, both the SMT i5220 and SMT i5243 handsets are gigabit compatible, use polyphonic voice/sound quality, feature a 30-60 degree ergonomic stand, integrate with Samsung OfficeServ Communicator software for unified communications, can integrate third party applications and provide full presence management functionality.

The SMT i5220 handset features an adjustable 3.2 inch black and white LCD screen with superior 128x96 pixel graphic quality, while the SMT i5243 also has an adjustable display with a 4.3 inch customisable, full colour display with 480x272 pixel quality. It also incorporates Bluetooth connectivity and video call capacity through a USB camera or USB Bluetooth module, and incorporates a voice/video call recording to PC capability.

Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS

The Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS is a new messaging solution to support SMBs.

"In today's highly competitive commercial world, it's vital to make a good first impression," says McInnes."The Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS can help a SMB manage their contacts simply and effectively across voice, fax, and email communications."


Designed to enhance the messaging capability of Samsung's OfficeServ 7200 and 7400 IP PBX solutions, the IP-UMS offers a fully featured unified messaging solution, including, corporate Voicemail, desktop fax messaging services and an email gateway feature that is fully synchronised with MS Outlook.

Advanced text to Speech capabilities allow users to dial into their mailboxes and have their email messages read to them by the IP-UMS server, (in a choice of languages if required). This service can be used within the enterprise, or externally using a standard or mobile telephone.

Telephone system administrators can log into a convenient web-accessed administration page and manage system changes remotely - including programming greeting and call routing modifications on the built-in auto attendant.

The Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS has a range of options that can be enabled with a license key. So, the cost is based purely on the number of required voicemail ports, fax options, exchange integration and text to speech options, making this a truly flexible and affordable solution.

When configured to the Samsung OfficeServ 7200 IP PBX, the IP-UMS has capacity for 32 Voicemail and 2 fax ports. In combination with the Samsung OfficeServ 7400 IP PBX, the IP-UMS this capacity expands up to 128 Voicemail and 8 fax ports, providing scalability to fast growing SMBs.

Add in the email gateway, WEB Client for Voicemail users and System Administration, plus Outlook Subscriber Services, and you've got one of the most versatile, functional messaging services on the market - imagine the efficiency and productivity of customising how voicemails, email and fax messages are created, sent, received, tracked, synchronised and archived - all from one central location.

The Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS is now available.

Samsung OfficeServ Communicator:

Samsung's OfficeServ Communicator is an integrated communications application able to bring together voice, video and instant messaging communications.

OfficeServ Communicator provides benefits including the ability to dial direct from your Microsoft Outlook contacts list, to see a list of who has called you, who you have called, any missed calls and simple redial on any of the numbers. OfficeServ Communicator provides these functions and many more, with the simple to install software it makes it even easier for you to get these features on to your individual PC.

"By utilising a modular application structure the Samsung OfficeServ Communicator can easily be enhanced to include full Instant Messaging and Presence", says McInnes."This is now an essential tool for businesses that use remote workers or are even located in large premises. This will save you wasting time trying to call people who are not at their desks or who do not wish to be disturbed if they are working on a priority project".

Samsung OfficeServ Communicator features simple clear icons showing the status of members and phones. The OfficeServ Communicator Instant Messaging (IM) function is fully integrated and opens up further communication channels. An Instant Messaging session can be escalated to add voice and video, or enhanced with application sharing and white boarding and all details can be recorded and played back later.

"With video communications rapidly becoming as important as voice, OfficeServ Communicator makes video calling as simple as making a voice call. By simply attaching a web cam to your PC, OfficeServ communicator will make a call to a similarly equipped remote worker and the video call is automatically set up. There is even the option to extend this to a simple video conference", says McInnes.

Initial sales of Samsung's OfficeServ Communicator have been made months prior to market release, with installation available from January 2010.