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LG WIT-400H Wireless IP Phone400H_LR

Full featured of WIT 400 H wireless IP phone:

The LG-Ericsson office mobility solution lets you carry on your conversation over both Wireless LAN and DECT terminals while you are away from your desk of moving around the office giving true communication mobility. Using a network of WiFi standard access point, the iPECS wireless LAN phone,WIT-400H, has access to all iPECS Telephony( LIK and MG) functionality while on the move.

Users have access to the same set of communications tools and features enabling mobility where coverage is provided. WIT-400H, the new trendy WiFi phone, implements an IEEE standard 802.11b/g wireless interface, WEP/WPA/WPA2 for wireless security and supports Web browsing on the 2” TFT color LCD.

FEATURES of LG WIT-400H Wireless IP Phone

  •  Best for Road warrior, Home office, Field worker,  Warehouse manager
  •  Key benefits
    • On the road mobility
    • Leveraging single infrastructure
    • Plug & play installation
  • 2” TFT color LCD
  •  Backlit
  • 802.11b/g compatible
  • Web browser for public hot spot log in
  • PTT
  • Stanby time 60hrs
  • Talk time 3hrs

LG WIT-300HE Wireless IP PhoneWIT-300HE

Full featured of WIT-300HE wireless IP phone:

LG-Nortel’s new Wireless IP phone (WIT-300HE) follows IEEE 802.11b standard with full telephony featured proprietary protocol. With existing wireless environment which becomes more and more popular and cost effective, user can save MAC(move,add and change) cost by single infrastructure for both voice and data. Because of its mobile like user interface and plug & play installation, it is not necessary for the users to read manuals for using its complex features.

FEATURES of LG WIT-300HE Wireless IP Phone

  • Mobile Phone User Interface Graphic Color LCD(128 x 128)
  •  Back Light Vibration
  • PTT 64 poly sound
  • more than 50 melody
  • Various Phone Book and Directory
  •  Standby time/Talk time : 50 hrs/4 hrs (1100mAh)
  •   Protocol : LG-NORTEL proprietary protocol (iPECS)
  •  Wireless Spec. : 2.4GHz, 802.11b
  • Dimension (H x W x D mm) : 120 x 45 x 25
  •  Desk Top Charger with USB / AC adaptor

LG GDC-450H / 400H Wireless IP PhoneGDC-450H

New system integrated DECT solution

Fully integrated business DECT solution

Unlike standalone or residential DECT solution, LG Ericsson has integrated business DECT solution with its industry leading SMB PBX solution such as ipLDK and iPECS series. The integration makes feature implementation easier and simpler. Floor managers do not need to run for a fixed terminal for voice paging. With no string attached, users can receive and send voice paging over the DECT handset. Not to mention, typical PBX features such as Call transfer(Screened, Unscreened, Executive/Secretary), Call back, Hold, MWI, Fall forward, Camp on etc., seamless call connection is secured over the multiple cell coverage.

Cost effective multi cell solution

Business DECT solution shouldn’t cost too much especially for small and medium sized business. Long time R&D experience of LG Ericsson has developed the DECT solution architecture best affordable for SMB. Since, commonly used resources and complicated features sets are already implemented in ipLDK and iPECS, users can simply choose the scale of DECT solution only by attaching optimally designed DECT components. PBX built in DECT interface gateway for multi cell interface, simultaneous multi channel handling base station and full featured system DECT terminal are configurable from 1 cell up to 32* cells without causing significant initial investment or any hidden cost.

* Depend on system capability

Easier and simpler management

Consistent management system also helps reducing manager’s workload. Managers only need to access single admin user interface for adding, changing DECT related features just as they manage the system. To make the cell planning easier, managers can utilize GDC-400TB(Site survey tool) to find out best location for base station. In addition, managers can measure real time radio strength, current channel and base station number with GDC-400H/450H.

If iPECS NMS is installed, managers can monitor real time status of DECT handset as well as wireless gateway. DECT related statistics are also provided for maintenance purpose


  • User friendly interface
  •  Easy to use navigation key
  •  Context sensitive softkeys
  •  1.5” full color LCD
  • Multi language support
  •  English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
  •  9 differential ring tone(external/internal)
  •  Vibrator & Ring melody
  •  Backlit LCD and keypad
  •  Standby 120hrs / Talking 15 hrs
  •  2.5mm ear mike jack
  •  Snap in belt clip(Optional)


  • Robust design for challenging environment
  • Ruggedized housing
  •  Tempered window shield
  • Glove friendly large key pad
  •  User friendly interface
  •  Easy to use navigation key
  •  Context sensitive softkeys
  • 1.5” full color LCD
  •  Multi language support - English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
  •  9 differential ring tone(external/internal)
  • Vibrator & Ring melody
  •  Backlit LCD and keypad
  •  Standby 150hrs / Talking 15 hrs
  •  2.5mm ear mike jack
  •  Snap in belt clip

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