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Relocating the Phone System

Depending on the number of handsets and the distance being moved, the relocation of a phone system can take several hours. If you are able to move at a weekend or some other time when your business phones can be off the air then this may be a workable solution. However, if you are in the market for a new phone system then having the new system installed, tested and operational before you move will remove a huge amount of stress.

Is there a working phone system in the new premises?

If you are moving in to an established building with an existing phone system then it is just a matter of ensuring the system works, has enough extensions and has sufficient line cards for the type and number of phone lines you require.

Do I need to cable any points in the new premises?

It is best to confirm that there are sufficient phone points cabled in the new building and that they are in the right place. Your phone system installer should be able to carry out a site survey prior to the move to ensure the cabling is up to scratch and to add any additional points if necessary.

Will the phone system allow for any growth?

Before going through the stress and expense of relocating your old phone system, find out whether this system is going to support you for the next couple of years. If not, it may be cheaper in the long run to upgrade now.

Don't forget the diversions

If you are planning to set temporary diversions from the old premises make sure you do this before the phone system has disconnected and put in the back of the truck!


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