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With a huge array of information in every field of the telephone-systems industry, Telephone-Systems Frequently Asked Questions section aims to provide businesses and the public with all the facts they need in relation to technical and installation issues, buying and financing, products and systems, and more. Choose from our sections below to find what you may be looking for. If your question isn't in our FAQ section, feel free to call us for more information on 1300 727 929, or send us an email.

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Other Common FAQs:

How do I retrieve my phone number?

Not sure what your number is? Simply use the phone in question to dial the number 12722 123 and follow the instructions.

How do 1300 numbers work and what's the best way to get one?

A good start for attaining a 1300 number and finding out more information is by visiting the SmartNumbers site ( - this is the government owned site that manages the sales (auction) of all 1300 numbers/1800/13 numbers. It covers how to buy a number direct and also what to do once you get one.

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