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The Data options available to businesses have increased significantly in recent years. There are also many different ways to have your business connect to Data and Internet. In many areas of Australia, business have put up with unreliable speeds and service, not knowing a solution may be available. Many businesses are paying for fast upload and download speeds and actually receive significantly less. That is the solution?

If your business needs advice in relation to Data needs our specialist can assist. Some of your needs may include;

  • What are the options to standard fixed line data services?
  • What data plan does my business really need?
  • How do I test my current connect to see if the speeds I am paying for are actually being delivered?
  • How can Data services be used to provide my business with toll free telephone calls from my office desk handsets?
  • What is a contention ratio and how does this impact on my business?
  • Do I pay for data download and upload?
  • How do I avoid excessive data usage charges?
  • How can knowing my peak data periods have an impact on reducing cost?

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