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A Phone Billing Audit can be conducted no matter who your Telephone Company or Call Provider is and encompass fixed line, mobile and data services. The Phone Billing Audit will confirm for you:

  • Determine if your Telephone Company or Call Provider is charging you the agreed rates.
  • Potential cost reductions through rates, charges and line rental.
  • Billing discrepancies and possible credits.
  • Evaluate Call patterns and how these impact costs.
  • Understand Current technologies and how these impact cost and operational efficiencies.
  • Look at ways to improve accountability and your relationship with your Telephone Company or Call Provider.

The Phone Billing Audit targets areas not normally covered when dealing direct with your Telephone Company or Call Provider â?? and the results provide a valuable tool for negotiations. Billing Phone Billing Audits are usually completed within five working days and requirements can be tailored to you.

Phone billing audit

What is needed to be able to conduct the Phone Billing Audit?

Complete the online enquiry form and submit. You will be contacted to discuss your specific requirement. The standard requirements will include;

  • A complete copy of a recent months phone accounts
  • If available, a copy of the current contract and agreed rates to be able to confirm if you are being charged correctly and if credits from your Telephone Company or Call Provider may apply.
  • There may be questions and other information required based on your specific needs and expectations.


Once the Phone Billing Audit has been completed by our industry specialists, you will be contacted and provided with consultation covering the results and any recommendations resulting from the Phone Billing Audit.

As required other consultation may include:

  • Advice and project management in relation to Office relocations
  • Managing the review process of your telecommunication contracts
  • Auditing other offers you may have received to confirm the true impact to your business, before you make a decision.
  • Telecommunications Tender Management for larger businesses.
  • Contract review and auditing
  • Carrier dispute resolution

telephone bill audit

Maintain a cost efficient and reliable environment

An ongoing evaluation of your telecommunications will ensure;

  • Recommendations from the initial Phone Billing Audit are correctly implemented
  • Savings and operational efficiencies are maintained over time
  • Your business is up to date with new technology
  • Telephone Company or Call Provider billing accuracy is maintained
  • New reduced rates are available as they become applicable
  • Line Rental and associated call usage remains relevant to the business needs.


Q. What types of telecommunications does a Telecommunications Phone Billing Audit cover?
A. Fixed line, mobile phone and Data services, phone systems and hardware and other communications technology to improve your business.

Q. Will it cost me to have a Telecommunications Billing Phone Audit conducted for my business?
A. There is no cost to have an initial Phone Billing Audit conducted. Simply send us a current copy of your Phone Bill or Call us directly on 1300 727 929 to discuss your requirements.

Q. How does the Phone Bill Auditing Company get paid?
A. In most cases the Telephone Company or Call Provider compensates the Phone Billing Audit Company.

Q. What is needed to conduct a Phone Billing Audit?
A. A recent monthâ??s copy of a complete phone bill including call itemisation and a copy of the current contract and agreed rates.

Q. How do I know the savings will be accurate?
A. A professional Phone Billing Audit ensures your account will be checked again after the Telephone Company has applied the new rates. The audit results will underestimate the savings projections to allow for minor variances in call patterns that impact on results from one month to the next. <Read client experiences>.

Q. If I use a consultant, do I still deal directly with the Telephone Company?
A. Yes, you can still have a direct relationship with your Telephone Company and be billed directly by the Telephone Company as you have in the past. A consultant acts as an extension to this relationship by providing you with elevated support as required, as well as pro-active account management to ensure your savings are ongoing.

Q. Do I have to change Telephone Companies?
A. No, A consultant can often achieve great savings with your existing Telephone Company. However you may decide to switch Telephone Companies if the Phone Billing Audit reveals cost savings to be even more significant elsewhere. If you do decide to change, the consultant will support your transition and assist with this process.

Q. What are the impacts of changing Telephone Companies?
A. The transition is always professionally managed by Accredited Professionals in conjunction with the new Telephone Company. If you are changing Telephone Companies, it will be because you will pay less for your telecommunications. Switching Telephone Companies does not mean you need new phone numbers.