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Independent specialist advice is now available to ensure your specific business requirements are matched to the most cost effective and reliable mobile network coverage in Australia. You retain the choice of Telephone Company.

Our specialist team is available to assist in many areas on business mobile phone, which including:

  • Mobile plans with no contract, no committed monthly spend, no flagfall, no minimum charge, per second billing, a low flat rate and no locked in handset repayments
  • Selecting the right plan from the hundreds of different plans available, through a range of Mobile Carriers?
  • What are the dangers of Capped Plans and how to match a current non capped plan to a capped plan to ensure there will not be excessive over usage charges?
  • How can I get out of a contract?
  • How do I compare all the plans presented to my business by a range of Mobile Companies?
  • My contract is for 24 months and the hardware warranty is for 12 months. How do I get a new phone at no cost?
  • How can I get free calls from the mobile phone fleet back to the office and the office to my mobile fleet?
  • Personal calls on business mobiles accounts for an average of 20% to 60% of the cost. How do I reduce this without the potential HR issues?
  • Can I share a single mobile data plan across a number of mobile users?

Q: Why would I want to aggregate my mobile Data Usage?

A: Instead of disparate plans of uneven usage, for example 5 data plans at $49.99 Inc 6GB of data, (total cost $249.95 per month) and the total actual Data usage on my fleet of mobiles is only 3GB of data. A single shared mobile data plan of say $110.00 per month for 5GB, will reduce costs by over 50%

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