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The most significant change in recent years impacting the Fixed Line Voice services is:

  • The opportunities now available to reduce Line Rental costs.
  • The use of VOIP and VODSL and other voice/data capabilities.

The unfortunate fact is that the market is still confused as to:

  • What is the true value of the opportunities available?
  • What are the associated costs and real benefits to the business?
  • Of the options available what is the best solution for my business?

Have your individual business needs and current Phone Bill Audit by our specialist team. There is no cost or obligation and in many cases the results can be achieved through your same Carrier. In over 80% of cases the audit will result in savings to your business of between 20% and 50%

Do your own quick check of your fixed line phone bill.

  • Are you paying less than $20 for line rental?
  • Are many of your individual call charges less than 10 cents?
  • Do all the line rental charges have corresponding call usage?
  • Do you know what all the phone lines are used for?
  • Can you find a copy of the agreed rates that apply to your current Phone Bill?
  • Has your Carrier (or more importantly) an independent specialist recently conducted a detailed billing audit of your phone bills?

If you answered NO to most of the above questions ?? contact us