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Analyse Your Telecommunication Services

Information from Industry Authority Sean Le Gear

Sean Le Gear has been advising businesses across Australia in the area of Telecommunications since the late 90's. Over this time the savings generated to clients who have requested billing audits is in excess of 20 million dollars per annum. In many cases the savings have been achieved for clients through their incumbent Telephone Company and often while the client has been in contract.

Since deregulation of the telecommunications industry there continues to be a growing level of confusion in the market. A high percentage of businesses seem to:

  • Question the true value that their business receives from their Telephone Companies and Call Providers.
  • Not understand the potential there is through the choices available.
  • Not have the expertise to know how to leverage the Telephone Company or Call Provider to be able to maximize the benefits to their business.
  • Spend countless hours trying to negotiate with the Telephone Company or Call Providers to find the end result is not what was expected.
  • Be more and more frustrated with the lack of support and Account Management provided by the Telephone Company.

Market research indicates;

  • Many Line Rental charges to business are not actually required.
  • More than 10% of businesses across Australia are charged the incorrect rates to those signed up for.
  • More than 80% of Australian businesses continue to pay 20% to 50% more than they should, by dealing directly with the Telephone Company.
  • Many businesses re-sign with their incumbent provider based on a small percentage offer by the Telephone Company to reduce rates, when a specialist negotiator can often achieve reductions of more than 30%.

Solutions and the power of knowledge!

A logical process to understand these complex issues would be to first have a specialist conduct a Phone Billing Audit of your current Telecommunications situation. You need to do this so that you can understand what it is exactly that you are paying for and does it reconcile to the services that you are actually receiving. The audit will also result in the leverage tools to maximize the negotiating potential with the Telephone Company. The audit is provided to you at no cost or obligation.