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OfficeServ Softphone


Laptop or PDA and gives you a full system phone connected to the OfficeServ system back in your office.

It works in the same way as a physical IP phone, and can be used at any location that has Internet connectivity.

When the OfficeServ SoftPhone is started it communicates across the IP network with your OfficeServ System in the office,

the SoftPhone then connects to your office system as a normal IP extension. You will have full access to your DIDcalls, voicemail,

Personal and system directories just as if you were in the office. All features that are available to you from your office phone are

available on the SoftPhone. There is also the option for an Add On Module (AOM) that can show 99 buttons, feature access

or speed dial access keys and are used in the same way as on a physical system phone. This allows you to configure the SoftPhone

to have the minimum presence on your PC screen but with maximum functionality.


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