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There are a wide variety of door phones now available on the market. Most are not directly connected with the telephone system. To get one directly connected to the telephone system usually a Door Release/Door Phone Card needs to be added to the system but while increasing the cost this will also allow any handset to answer the door phone. Door phones are basically dumb terminals able to place a call to a pre-programmed extension (s) in the system (which in some telephone systems may be diverted externally to a mobile for example for after hours response). Door phones are not able to put on hold, transfer or make other than the pre programmed call.

Latch release in some Telephone Systems is available where you can unlock the door from the handset to allow someone to enter, but may also require an additional card in the system. Usually it will also require a locksmith to come and fit the latch and a Telephone Tech to also attend to integrate the latch release with the system programming.


Aristel - AN DS - Door Station Flush Mount

  • High quality Stainless Steel finish
  • Weatherproof
  • Can be surface or flush mounted
  • Door bell function rings to any or all extension phones
  • Use for front/back door, entry gate, reception
  • Optional "Open Door Latch" function
  • Door station can be called from any extension
  • Weather proof flush mount design with optional surface mount case available (AN SMB)
  • Dimensions - face plate 170mm (W) x 100mm (H) - rear enclosure 120mm (W) x 70mm (H) x 55mm (D)


Samsung DCS Door Phone

Telephone system

Samsung Door Phone Features:
  • Requires DCS-DPIM interface unit in system
  • Commonly used to request entry through locked doors (interior and exterior) or as a room monitoring box
  • Provides contact control to be used with customer provided electric door lock
  • Door phone is wall-mounted
  • Door phone is weather resistant
  • Dimensions: 5" H x 3.88" W x 1.25" D



The Sentinel MKI Door Phone

Telephone system 

The Big City Secured entry Loud speaking telephone The SENTINEL is designed for unguarded apartment and office buildings. It offers secured entry, code access door release and a telephone system all in the one unit, with auto answer and termination of calls. Occupants can communicate with visitors and allow keyless entry. Its non-volatile memory is capable of storing up to 350 phone numbers.



The Sentry Door Phone

Telephone systemThe Sentry Doorstation series are powerful all in one, interactive telephone unit. They offer security and control at your finger tips. Designed to fit any place you require a loud speaker, hands-free telephone.  It is well suited for homes, hotels, hospitals and universities as well as many business and commercial settings. Protecting you against unwanted entry onto your property, this unit will give you the ability to authorise access to welcomed visitors without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. The Sentry, making sure your safety and well-being come first!



Hybrex Digital Door Phone

Telephone system 

 Digital door phone 

 Relay contacts to control a door lock solenoid

 Cast Aluminium Weatherproof case with a silver-grey hammertone enamel finish.

 The componentry of this door phone is gasketed and sealed against the ingress of moisture.






Hybrex Access Control Phone

 Telephone system 

Security Access Control, Door phone
Digital telephone, keypad, handsfree
Door Open & Close Privileges
Employee Tracking
Activity Output to Hybrex Access Manager software program
Digital port required - max 24 ACP'S on G1E




Hybrex Access Control Steel Phones

Telephone system


Steel ACP access control phones -2 versions available:

Free Standing version Telephone system

Wall Mount version

Digital port required per ACP

Access key ring or card option



Hygienic Phone

Telephone system Hygienic clean room Loud speaking Telephone The HYGIENIC phone was designed to meet the communication needs of pharmaceutical and medical facilities. The clean, easy-clean flat face panel is resistant to harsh cleansers, chemicals and contamination, as there are no nooks and cranny's for material to accumulate into. The hands-free operation, Auto answer and Auto hang-up of calls makes things easy for the user in a clean room environment.


  • Hospital (including areas such as intensive care).
  • Clean rooms.
  • Production areas (handsfree communication required).
  • Commercial kitchens.
  • Old age homes.



Emergency Lift Phones

Telephone systemAutomatic Dialing Lift Telephones

  • Telephone line powered
  • Nonvolatile memory
  • Up to 3 units can be paralleled on one line
  • Surface or box mounting handset models
  • Rear panel or recessed hands free models.
  • Auto answer, auto hang-up on hands free
  • Auto disengage, on handset models
  • Remote voice or data id available for Hands free models
  • Autodial or hot line working models available in both handset and hands free series

The Liftcom is a one-touch, auto dialling, loud-speaker emergency lift-car telephone with voice recording and playback facilities. It is powered solely from the telephone line and is cased in a very compact and robust enclosure.

The unit can store one 16 second, one 8 second and two 4 second voice messages. This unit also boasts an inbuilt electronic voice prompt for parameter interrogation. The Liftcom meets all standard requirements for an Australian lift-car intercom and complies with AS1735 (including part 12).

The Liftcom, making sure the safety and well-being of your lift-car passengers come first!



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