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Telephone system

Alcatel Omni PCX
Battery Backup Solutions

Sick of wasting time trying to figure out how to supply
backup power to your latest phone system installation?
Being robbed of jobs because your competition has
built in backup batteries and you don't?
We have the answers.
Alpha Energy makes your life easy by supplying an
Uninterrupted Power Supply pre configured and at affordable
prices. No more need to hunt for a UPS equivalent or
hopelessly try to match power consumption against battery
output. Just the right answer first time, every time.
Alpha Energy UPS's are perfect for backing up phone
systems for any length of time. They are easy to install, look
great, come with a two year warranty and are cost effective to
install. This means you can supply your customer with a
superior solution without blowing your budget.
Telephone system

NEC Phone systems

Battery Backup Solutions

Benefits of using a UPS as your premium battery
backup solution
  • Offer your customers a superior solution without
  • breaking the budget or cutting margins
  • Compete with other phone system suppliers providing
  • systems with inbuilt batteries
  • Battery backup external devices i.e. Music on Hold,
  • GSM modules
  • Easy to install no messing with replacement batteries
  • 2 year replacement warranty for hassle free ongoing
  • maintenance Comprehensive 2 year warranty
  • Aesthetically pleasing no more ugly battery cabinets
  • and patchwork colors
  • Delivery and service anywhere in Australia 
Telephone system