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Telephone Headset for office phones, we provide a wide variety of headsets, including cordless headsets, wireless headsets, bluetooth headsets, computer headsets, phone head sets, conference phones, office Headsets and more., provides headsets from leading brands including Plantronics, GN Netcom, Addcom, Jabra and i-Serv.

Please check out the following pages to see just some of the range of headsets we can offer to you at competitive prices.

Plantronics headset

Do you want up to Eight hours of talk time?
Do you want to move up to 300 feet from your desk?
Do you want Superior Sound?

gn netcom headset

GN Netcomm Headsets

GN Netcomm has always been the innovator in the headset industry.
They invented the noise-canceling microphone. The multipurpose amplifier. And in just the last
few years, Their list of "firsts" has grown dramatically.

addcom headset

Add-Com Headsets

ADDCOM is committed to providing innovative telecommunications products and services. This is backed by our expanding range of products and growing presence within international and domestic markets.

Jabra Logo

Jabra Headsets

At Jabra, we are fortunate enough to be able to build on the legacy of our parent company, GN Store Nord. With over 140 years of experience in designing state-of-the-art communications solutions, GN Store Nord gives us an outstanding foundation of technical expertise, upon which we can build the Jabra name

Iserv Logo

i-Serv Headsets

i-Serv is fast becoming a leading brand with over 2000 installed products in the South African and Australian market alone.

The i-Serv brand has been developed over the past two years with a strong emphasis on superior design, quality and value for money. All our products go through a stringent test over a 3-month period and must score a minimum reliability rating of 90% before being added to the i-Serv family of products.

The Best things about Headsets    

HeadsetsHands-free Advantage

Enjoy the freedom and comfort of not having to hold a telephone handset. With both hands free you'll be more comfortable and be able to perform other tasks when speaking on the telephone.

Headsets Multi tasking efficiency

Headsets free your hands and give you increased productivity and efficiency. Write notes, access documents or use your keyboard during your telephone conversations.

Headsets Mobility

With a wireless headset solution you are completely free to move about the office. Gather information, consult a colleague or go to another desk or office - all during your telephone conversation.
Headsets also include the ability to answer your phone from anywhere within

Headsets Ergonomic benefits

Don't sacrifice personal comfort when talking on the phone. With a headset you won't have to prop the telephone between your neck and shoulder. Kiss those aching muscles and neck strain goodbye!
The fast pace of modern office lifestyle can have a major effect on the human body and how we look after ourselves, particularly in relation to neck, shoulder and posture related issues. proudly supports Healthy which provides topical and informative information about natural therapies and provides access to the location of practitioners such as Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Naturopaths across Australia.

best headset for phone systems
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